Understanding the Complicated World of Workers’ Compensation Claims

You never thought that you would have to worry about finding a Montgomery County workers’ comp attorney, yet here you are, searching the Internet to find information about lawyers who will both offer you a free consultation and have the experience and know-how to fight for, and get, a good outcome to your case.


During the Industrial Revolution, society changed in multiple ways. Most especially, the way people worked changed. Gone were the days of having the sole choice to be a dairy farmer or beet farmer, men (and sometimes women) had the opportunity to work with technology!! However, since this technology was in its infancy, so was the knowledge about safety. Many people began to be injured in ways that prohibited them from ever working again. As a result of the change in technology and society, workers’ compensation laws were born. The first official statewide law was passed in Maryland in the year of 1902 and the first law protecting federal employees passed in 1906. By the year of 1949 all states had some form of workers’ compensation law. Obviously, these laws have morphed and changed over the years, but there are still laws protecting the working man and woman today.


The current workers’ compensation laws are, to say the least, complex. Which is why it is a good idea to look into procuring the services of a local Montgomery County workers’ comp attorney. There are many steps to a workers’ compensation case, and qualified lawyers can help you at any stage of the game, including the following:

  • Understanding and discussing the settlement value of your claim or case
  • Discussing the options if your claim is denied
  • Fight for you if your employer is trying to reduce your medical benefits or wage loss
  • Explaining, in layman’s terms, the way in which workers’ compensation laws work in Pennsylvania


The whole reason you are involved in a workers’ compensation claim is due to the fact that you have been injured to the point that you cannot perform the regular duties of your job. The injury was not a result of you playing a pick-up game of basketball after work or swimming with the dolphins on your vacation to Mexico, it was not due to anything fun or exciting; you were injured while performing the duties of your job while following all applicable safety rules and regulations. If you were injured while doing something on your own time, you would take the responsibility for it, but you weren’t. While fighting a workers’ compensation case is not easy, you can have the help of a lawyer. Call for a free consultation; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Five Reasons Ordinary Citizens Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Drivers and passengers involved in a car accident are likely to file a personal injury claim when they got hurt. While this is a good reason to retain the services of a firm like The Law Office of Mike McElvain, it is not the only excuse men and women use to hire an experienced lawyer. Are you wondering if you need a counselor to help you with a serious legal matter? The list of cases an injury attorney can handle is long. It includes the following unfortunate situations.

1. Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Traffic accidents keep personal injury law firms quite busy. However, car crashes are not the only concerns clients have. Other reasons for hiring a lawyer include the following:

  • Dog attacks
  • Slip-and-fall cases
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Defective medication
  • Asbestos poisoning
  • Workplace injuries

Contact a law firm before scheduling an appointment. Inquire if they accept claims like yours, and ask how much experience the associates have with this section of the legal system.

2. Filing Complaints

Legal documents and applications can be rather confusing. It is best to have an expert guiding you through the paperwork. Feel free to ask for explanations when there are legal terms and expressions you do not understand. You will feel more at ease when all issues are clear. Having peace of mind will also speed up your recovery.

3. Calculating Compensation Amounts

Although it is impossible to give clients an accurate estimate of the amount of compensation money they could receive, experienced lawyers have a fairly good idea about potential results of a claim. They can compare your situation to similar ones they completed over the years. They can also consult with colleagues. Be extremely thorough when giving your attorney information and copies of your medical bills. Collect estimates from several repair shops if possessions were damaged during the incident. That can be anything from a car and motorcycle to a GPS system and cell phone.

4. Interrogating Witnesses

It can be impossible to control your emotions when meeting with people who witnessed your accident. Attorneys are not emotionally involved. They also know which questions to ask to get the information they need to build a strong case. Insurance companies usually fight back. They use any excuse to reject a claim. A skilled attorney will not let that happen. He or she can also prepare witnesses if your case ends up in court. The counselor will ensure that testimonies are relevant and support your claim.

5. Valuable Advice

Injuries are taxing on a person’s body and mind. It may be tough to concentrate and think clearly when you are in pain. Without realizing it, you may be talking to the wrong people, or making innocent but harmful statements. Ask your legal representative for suggestions on what you can do. Who can you discuss your situation with? If you are uncertain, tell the individual to contact your lawyer. It may be an agent from the other party. You are not obligated to tell your story, even to the police and other authorities. They can discuss their concerns with your lawyer, who could be associated with The Law Office of Mike McElvain.

Do You Have a Legitimate Medical Malpractice Case?

If you are convinced that you have been injured by your doctor or other health care provider, you may wonder how to proceed. Do you have a legitimate medical malpractice case? There are a lot of things to consider before filing a lawsuit. One of the first things you should do if you want to hold the physician accountable for his or her actions is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. For instance, Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson, Attorneys at Law, specialize in this branch of the law. They can help you throughout the entire claim. There are several issues to discuss during an initial consultation. Here are 4 of them.

Do You Have a Case?

Medical malpractice is a complicated legal matter that generally takes a long time to complete. It can take many years. These types of lawsuits can also become quite expensive for that reason, and the fact that medical facilities have insurance to cover legal fees and compensation amounts. They are in no hurry, and will fight you in any way they can. You need strong evidence that a medical care provider did something wrong. Cases vary widely from prescribing incorrect medication and misdiagnosis, to puncturing a patient’s intestine during surgery. Some mistakes are so bad that a patient actually dies. Discuss the situation with an experienced attorney before launching a lawsuit.

Medical Negligence

If you or a loved one is suffering due to improper or unskilled treatment by a health care provider, you could have a true case of medical negligence. As the plaintiff, you will need to provide the court with proof. There are several elements of importance. The list includes the following:

  • The physician owed the duty of care.
  • The doctor violated relevant standard of care.
  • The victim can be compensated for the sustained injury.
  • You are hurting because of substandard conduct and treatment of the health care provider.

It will be your burden to prove these issues in court in a malpractice suit. Standard of care means that you received treatment that is generally used in your area for patients with your specific medical condition and under similar circumstances.

Clear-Cut Medical Malpractice Cases

Your attorney will ask specifics about your situation and why you believe that you should file a lawsuit. There are circumstances that leave no doubt of negligence. They include the following:

  • A foreign object or surgical sponge was left inside a patient.
  • The doctor operated on the wrong patient.
  • The wrong surgery was performed on a patient.
  • Completing non-emergency procedures without the patient’s consent is unacceptable.
  • Ignoring to tell patients about significant risk factors (higher than 5%) for certain treatment options or procedures is illegal.

Statute of Limitations

To protect doctors from excessive litigation, the law puts a time limit on filing complaints. For instance, your case will be thrown out if you discover after 10 years that you have been walking around with a surgical clamp inside your belly. Statutes of limitations vary by state. That is why you should discuss your situation with a lawyer rather than depending on information found online. Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson, Attorneys at Law, are also aware of all changes made to existing medical malpractice laws. These updates may not be included in the articles you find on the Internet.

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Get Legal Assistance from a Lawyer

legal assistance in JohnstownThere are many reasons why you might need legal assistance in Johnstown, PA, but perhaps the biggest reason is that you were injured because of someone else’s actions. The odds are good that the person who injured you didn’t do it on purpose, but the fact remains that you are (or were) in a hospital and the bills are not going to pay themselves. Usually the person responsible for injuring you is going to do the right thing and accept responsibility. Unfortunately, this won’t end your stress or your troubles because you will then likely have to deal with that person’s insurance company. To say that trying to fight an insurance company for money is not pleasant is an understatement. The insurance company is probably not going to volunteer to give you the money you need. You are going to need help if you are going to get the right amount of compensation from the insurance company. Luckily for you, there are people who can help you with your case. Continue reading

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Don’t File For Bankruptcy Without Consulting A Bankruptcy Lawyer

bankruptcy lawyer in GreenwoodAlmost everyone will experience money troubles at some point in their life. These troubles can range from being short a few dollars to pay the bills to being in debt much more than having the ability to pay the money back. Maybe you are in this situation right now. You might be feeling lousy right now and might even think of yourself as a failure. Sometimes people have been told by their creditors that they are not a good person. This is not true. It is important for you to remember that you are still a good person. In fact, the money problems you are facing might not even be entirely your Continue reading

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What Employees Should Know About Workplace Discrimination

Law Offices of Mark A. OsmanAlthough workplace discrimination is illegal, it still remains a reality in the modern world. This country has put countless state and federal laws in place to protect workers from discrimination on the job, but that has not stopped the trend completely. Contact a law firm like the Law Offices of Mark A. Osman if you feel that you were victimized at work for being different. There is no reason for an employer to be abusive because of your age, gender, disability, ethnic background, bedroom preferences, and other characteristics that Continue reading

What Lawyer Services You Can Receive

There are often situations that occur that go unplanned, but you need to be aware of the best ways you can handle those situations. If you have been arrested or accused of drunk driving, you want somebody who is going to take care of you. You need a DUI lawyer that will be aggressive and determined to get you in the state you deserve to be in. It can be extremely overwhelming to decide which law firm to consider, but there are crucial characteristics and services you need to pay attention to. Learn and understand all the options that you have and what is going to be the best decision for you. Ronald Dinan & Associates lawyer services and other facilities have all the information you need to get started down the right path.

The Facts

Some prior knowledge relating to this topic is extremely important to have. When you are arrested for such an offense, you have to deal with two different departments within the government. You will often have to spend a few hours in jail, and fill out the proper paperwork. During this time, you need to gather as much truth and information regarding your situation. The more you know the better it will be to have your lawyer defend you during trail. A lawyer can take such information and use it to your advantage, helping you avoid things such as conviction, or license suspension.

The Services

After you have reached the stage of going through the process, you need to make sure you have a lawyer who can provide you with all the services you are needing. You want to have a consultation prior to your hearing to make sure that you are receiving what you want. You should be told all the details relating to your case through the entire process and never be left in the dark. Ronald Dinan & Associates lawyer services and other facilities will give you exactly what you deserve. An experienced and dedicated lawyer will stand with you through the entire process so you can fight for what is rightfully yours. Do not hesitate in preparing in case you are ever in a sticky situation.

Getting Your Finances in Order

If you have dug yourself in a deep financial hole and need to quickly get out of it, sites like www.bankruptcylawyersinmemphis.com/services/ will provide you with the best information to get your finances in order and your life on a positive path. 


Filing for bankruptcy can ruin your life for many years to come. It is vital that you prepare yourself and plan how you are going to finally take charge of your finances and make some realistic goals. Determine what really got you into the mess in the first place. If it was because of your love of using credit cards on daily shopping sprees, maybe limit yourself to 1, instead of 4. If you think it will still cause you to be out of control with your money, forget the cards all together and use a specific amount of cash while shopping. This will keep you in line and will only allow you to purchase what you can afford at the moment. If you use a check book, keep in in balance every time you write a check and remember to keep track of all your records. 


If you are clueless and completely feel like you are struggling in every area of your finances, enroll in finance classes that will help you with your budget and that will teach you how to take control. You will be taught by some of the best instructors and teachers that have great knowledge and skills surrounding budgets, finances, and many money matters. There are others in your shoes, so learn from them and gain as much information possible to better your life and your finances. 


Learn how to budget and keep your finances out of trouble, especially once you have declared bankruptcy. Sites like www.bankruptcylawyersinmemphis.com/services/ will give you the answers that you might need, especially while learning tips and tricks that could protect you and your money. 



Being a Friend to Someone Who’s Been Arrested

If you were to ever get arrested and taken down to county jail in the middle of the night, you would want to know that there is a good friend out there who can help you out. If you’ve ever been taken to the slammer, you probably know how valuable a good friend can be in that situation. Conversely, you want to be able to be a good friend, a helping hand, if ever any of the people you know finds himself in such a predicament. You want to be able to return the favor – or hopefully, just pay it forward to someone else. Being there for someone in their hour of legal need is easy to do, if you remember a few certain steps. Whether you simply have to go down to the jail to pick someone up or you have to get a hold of a bail bondsman, this unexpected duty of friendship is manageable. Ultimately, it’s important to stay calm. The situation won’t get any better because you’re panicked or upset.


Get the Vital Information


When you receive that fateful phone call in the middle of the night, the first thing you’ll want to do is grab a pen and some paper. There’s a lot of information you’ll need to jot down, and you’ll only have a short amount of time. Find out where they are being held, and by what police agency. Find out if they can post bail and find out the amount of money you need to collect. On that note, be sure to ask if there is anyone who is willing and able to provide that sum – there might even be someone who owes some money to the arrested party. You’ll also want to find out what they are being charged with. Be sure to specify that you only want to know the charges, and not “what happened.” Remember, phone calls made from jail are not privileged information. They are not protected by your constitutional freedoms from search and seizure. Thus, if your friend says something like “Well, I drank a whole bottle of whiskey and then decided to go for a drive,” that statement will be admissible in court. So, in order to keep your friend from possibly incriminating himself, just ask for the charges. If the charges are serious enough, then be sure to tell your friend to not say anything other than “I want a lawyer” during interrogations. 


Get Professional Help


At this point, it’s also a good idea to find out if you need to contact a lawyer. If the charges are serious enough, your friend will want a lawyer present. This may require you to make a payment up front on behalf of your friend. While some lawyers will handle the initial phone calls and meetings of a case for free, some do charge around 150 dollars just for first time consultation. If you have to choose between springing your friend out on bail or hiring a lawyer, it is always better to have a lawyer present during arrest and interrogation. Make sure to ask if there is a specific lawyer that your friend would like to hire. If there is enough money and collateral available you, can hire a lawyer and also get a bail bondsman to help your friend get out of jail. It’s one thing to just bring a couple hundred dollars to the police station in the middle of the night. It’s another thing entirely when you end up needing to call professional support for your pal. Just remember to relax and think clearly if you ever called upon to assist a friend in this situation. 

Three Possible Outcomes Your DWI Attorney Can Help You Achieve

When you get charged with driving while intoxicated, you’ll be going up against skilled prosecutors whose job it is to convict you and get your license taken away. In order to keep your license, save you from thousands of dollars worth of fines, and any jail time, it’s vital to hire a Houston DWI attorney to help you through the process. He or she will be able to help you lessen the charges, get you a “not guilty” verdict, or get your charges dismissed altogether. 

Lessen the Charges

Depending on the area that you were arrested in, you could face jail time, fines as high as $5000, and the chance of losing your driving privileges. If the evidence against you starts to pile up, you may not be able to get off free of charges. When you think that this may be your situation, you can look to lessen the charges. Your lawyer can help negotiate a plea where you lessen the offense to something like reckless driving, public intoxication, or obstructing the highway. 

“Not Guilty” Verdict

You may find yourself needing to go up against the prosecutors in front of a judge. If you find yourself needing to go to trial, you better choose a lawyer that has experience winning cases in court. He or she will need to use evidence to show that there is no way that you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. During the initial consultation with your lawyer, discuss the details and evidence to find out if this may be something to prepare for. 

Dismiss Charges

The best result that you can hope for is to get the charges dismissed entirely. This only happens when there is insufficient evidence. Hiring a skilled lawyer to help you with your case can increase the odds of this happening as he or she can use knowledge of blood tests and such to find legal and factual errors in your case.  

Before you head out to face the prosecutors and the judge on your own, consider hiring a Houston DWI attorney to help you. He or she will help build a strong case to get you the best possible results. It’s important to hire someone who specializes in these types of cases and has experience with similar cases from the area that you were arrested in.